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      LZJTU School of New Energy & Power Engineering


      Cardiff University School of Engineering

      Programmes and Level of entry

      1+1+1 Programme

      LZJTU students study the first year of one of the following LZJTU Master’s degree programmes:

      · MSc Power System and Automation

      · MSc Energy power

      LZJTU Students who have achieved a relevant undergraduate degree at a minimum of lower second class honours (2:2) level (an average score of 75% or above) and successfully complete the first year of one of the eligible LZJTU Master’s degree programmes with a minimum average of 75% or above will be considered for progression onto the Master’s-level courses as listed below:

      · MSc Wireless and Microwave Communication Engineering

      · MSc Compound Semiconductor Electronics

      · MSc Coms. Tech & Entrepreneurship

      · MSc in Electrical Energy Systems

      · MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering

      · MSc in Civil and Geo-environmental Engineering

      · MSc in Civil and Water Engineering

      · MSc in Civil Engineering

      · MSc in Manufacturing Engineering, Innovation and Management

      · MSc in Structural Engineering

      · MSc in Sustainable Energy and Environment

      On successful completion of the Cardiff University Masters programme, LZJTU students will return to LZJTU to complete the third and final year of their Masters study in order to achieve the LZJTU Masters degree.

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